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Pistachio's significantly expanded the chain of Asian restaurants in Doha with its opening three years ago in Plaza Mall, Asian Town. In these years, the restaurant continued to gain an exceptional response from the community until February’19, when the restaurant closed down, only to reopen much more enhanced and refined atmosphere on the C-ring road, Alsadd (Hamad Hospital signal).

It is said one of the key features of a thriving restaurant is its ambiance. At Pistachio's, the vibrant atmosphere coupled with the traditional yet modern interior bond exclusively well with the kind of menu the restaurant is now bringing to your tables. From the typical, yet so savory, desi dishes like Biryani, Karahi, BBQ to a trickle of Continental and Arabian cuisine, the menu has got it all. At Pistachio's, mornings start with an absolutely palatable breakfast comprising of, amongst many, Lahori Halwa, Puri, Paya, Nihari and lots more that is sure to trigger your taste buds. With a wide range of salads and starters, the extensive list of the all dishes that follow with mouthwatering Charcoal Grill will only leave you wanting more. To add a flicker to the menu, the many finger-licking gravys are certain to leave you craving for more. Besides flavorsome Deserts, Pasta, Burgers, and Sandwiches are also a distinguished part of the menu that shall for sure fulfill all your food fantasies.

New branch is inaugurated by Ambassador of Pakistan in Qatar, Pakistan embassy officials and business community on 21st of April. Rizwana Saleem, the CEO of Pistachio’s, highlighted that we have hired more staff as our menu is now enhanced with addition of Continental and Arabic dishes, she also added that new outlet will fulfill the expectations that the community is looking for in terms of its easy approach, sufficient availability of car parking and incredible ambiance. Farhan Durrani, the business partner in Pistachio’s was also present on the occasion.

Beyond the 21st of April, the gates of Pistachio's shall ever stay open to welcome you into the foody-bliss and aid your taste buds with all the deliciousness you may need.

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